Thank you, you’ve made a stellar choice, and I’m thrilled to be part of your wine adventures!

I’ve had quite the journey getting here!

I started as a humble seedling in a premium Western Australian vineyard, soaking up the sun and growing until it was time to be plucked from the vines.

Winemakers, those wine wizards, expertly fermented me, adding their own dash of magic and transformed me into the wine you now hold in your hands.

I could’ve ended up anywhere in the world, but luck landed me in the hands of Mike and Kim at Greenskin Wine.

Among countless choices, they picked me! I’m thrilled as these eco-packaging pioneers are causing quite the grapevine gossip by creating a more sustainable way for you, my wine-loving friend, to enjoy your favourite drops.

Let me spill some tips to make your wine experience with me the best.


Like us all, I love a comfy, stable home. Please keep me at a cool and consistent temperature. Heat or wild temperature swings can mess with my taste, and not in a good way! My ultimate comfort zone – if I’m red, think 12-16 °C and if I’m white aim for 8-12 °C.


To keep me fresh, squeeze the air out of me (gently please) until you see a little bit of wine in my spout, then screw on my lid. This nifty trick keeps me fresh for up to 3 weeks – more time for you and me to hang out and less worry about waste!


It’ll be a tad bittersweet to say goodbye, but when you’ve loved the 6 of us dry, place us in the envelope provided and drop us in the post. From here, we’ll head straight to our rocking recycling partner, Plasmar, where every part of me (and the envelope) is 100% recycled.


Make sure I’m looking fabulous, then snap those unforgettable moments in a photo or video. Share on social media, Tag @greenskinwine, or send us an email at for a shot at winning a monthly $100 store credit!

Thanks again for fostering me, I know it’s not forever, but please enjoy every drop.

Here’s cheers to enjoying quality wine wherever you roam!

<insert fun pic of pouch>

PS: Wine loving, Greenskin Wine founders Mike and Kim send extra special thanks to you too. If you’ve got any juicy feedback about me for them, drop them a line at

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