Your frequently asked questions (FAQ), answered.

Being an innovative new product we get that you’ll have questions. Here we have answered the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we have received so far.
If you can’t find the answer to your question in our FAQ section, send us an email or contact us through our contact form.

the wines (FAQ):

Greenskin Wine is premium quality wine. The pricing is equivalent to the same/similar quality of wine that you find in a bottle.

We have purposely selected a range of high-quality small parcels of wine from highly respected Western Australian wine producers for our first offering to the market.

We are mindful of the damage that could be done by filling a new packaging format with sub-standard wine and have been careful not to take that risk.

We appreciate the price point is not for everyone and that is absolutely fine. In future, we may look at sourcing some more affordable batches of wine for our next series if there is a high demand for it.

Please visit our Wine Shop to find out more about each wines Vintage, Variety, Region, Winery and Winemaker.

Each variety of Greenskin Wine has a unique colour-coded sticker on the back of the pouch which displays the wines vintage (year), variety and region.

It also has a QR Code to scan if you want to find more detailed information about each wine, the region, wine maker etc.

Yes. If you squeeze out the air and reseal you protect the quality of any remaining wine if you can’t consume a whole pouch in one sitting.

If you squeeze out the air your wine will stay fresh for up to 2-3 weeks.

Not at all.

While the Greenskin pouch is similar to other liquid packaging, this pouch is specifically designed for wine as it has an oxygen barrier that is absolutely critical to protect the wine.

We’ve designed every pouch to meet our stringent quality standards, so you can expect the same great body, texture and mouthfeel you would get from wines packaged in traditional glass bottles.

Plus the pouches are BPA FREE! BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical that is added to many commercial products, including food containers and hygiene products but NOT Greenskin Pouches!

Find out more about the Greenskin pouch here.

Whether in a bottle or a pouch, no wine likes to get hot or move through vast temperature fluctuations.

White Wine and Rosé:

Ideally kept at 6 degrees celcius (plus or minus 4 degrees).

Red Wines:

Ideally kept at 16 degrees celcius (plus or minus 4 degrees).

If stored correctly your wine is best enjoyed within 18 months of purchase.

Greenskin Wine is designed to be purchased and enjoyed not to sit in a cellar for years waiting for a special occasion.

Once open, if you can’t consume a whole pouch in one sitting, simply squeeze out the air and reseal and you will protect the quality of any remaining wine

If you squeeze out all the air your wine will stay fresh for up to 2-3 weeks!

Yes. The amount of puffiness in each pouch is directly related to the temperature and the amount of dissolved Carbon Dioxide in the wine. High temperature and high dissolved CO2 creates a “Grand Puff Daddy” that will be very firm to say the least and reducing it’s temperature will soften it.

The good news is that unless the wine has been at high temperature (we say cooked) your Greenskin wine will be perfectly fine to drink.

Our early filling outings with the Green Machine set us on a steep learning curve and there were some inconsistencies which has resulted in bit of variability but nothing to cause us concern. The more recent work we have done has been very consistent.

Generally speaking, White Wine & Rosé has more dissolved CO2 in it than Red so it is likely you will see a little more “puffiness” in the pouches of those wines.

For any additional questions or concerns not covered in our FAQ, please contact us.

the environment (FAQ):

Each six-pack of Greenskin Wine includes a PRE-PAID postage pack for you to place your empty pouches into and mail back.

Thanks to our partnership with REDCycle, every part of the pouch enjoys a second life as something awesome. You’ll have instructions for this in your package when it arrives.

Read more about our innovative Recycling Programme here.

If you’re liking the sound of the practical benefits of Greenskin Wine but are thinking, “eek more plastic in the world”, here are the reasons why Greenskin Wine pouches are more environmentally sustainable than glass.

Why is glass such a problem?

Glass not only takes an enormous amount of energy to produce but also to ship to market. Plus, up to 50% of glass ends up in landfill no matter which bin you place it in. If it is recycled it has to be sorted and reheated. More energy. More carbon! And the shape is so inefficient: think of all that space between each round bottle.

Each 750ml Greenskin Pouch:

  • Takes 80% less energy to produce than an equivalent 750ml glass bottle.
  • Emits far fewer carbon emissions to transport due to its lightweight, compact nature. eg: Transporting one truckload of empty Greenskin pouches is the equivalent of transporting 26 truckloads of empty glass bottles!
  • Is 100% recyclable.
  • Plus we offer a FREE easy recycling program – Each 6 pack includes a PRE-PAID post pack for your empties. Simply drop in the post and they are sent directly to our recycling partner REDcycle where every part of the pouch is fully recycled and will enjoy a second life as something awesome!

We have created a product that is not only better suited to the great outdoors but kinder to it.

Join us on our #winewithoutwaste mission as we believe that the things we enjoy should not come at the expense of the environment!


Shipping Prices:

  • 1 Case = $4.95
  • 2 Cases = $8.95
  • 3 or more Cases = FREE!

Yes, that’s right, FREE for three or more cases. Why not get together with your family and friends and stock up for your next adventure.

Greenskin Wine is a great unique gift idea too!

We deliver Australia-Wide.

(International deliveries may be considered in the future).

How long does it take?

Our courier collects wine from our storage warehouse three times a week. Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Order before 1pm the day prior for pickup on these days.

Delivery is expected between 7-10 days from order.


Absolutely! While we intend to keep each batch of Greenskin Wine relatively small and always hand select each parcel, we are very keen to match our selection with your preferred taste.

Feel free to contact us to let us know what you wine varieties and styles you would like to see pouched up in the future.

Think of it this way: where can’t you?

While we always promote drinking responsibly Greenskin Wine is designed to travel with you.

Snap and post the best place or occasion you’ve enjoyed Greenskin Wine with the hashtag #GlasslessRevolution and tag @greenskinwine to let us know your favourite places you’ve gone glassless.

Monthly prizes are awarded to best pics!

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