premium wine in a

convenient, unbreakable,

100% recyclable package!

Greenskin Wine is Australia’s first 100% recyclable, resealable, glassless way to enjoy quality wine, absolutely anywhere.


Small, premium parcels of Australian wine hand chosen by our in-house winemaker & accomplished consumer of fine wine.


Lightweight, compact, resealable, unbreakable, & quick to chill - perfect for transporting anywhere.

100% recyclable

FREE recycling system. Plus, it takes less energy to produce than glass & emits far fewer emissions when transported.


Love the outdoors and appreciate good quality wine? You’re going to love Greenskin Wine!

To make your adventures even more memorable, we have packaged up small parcels of premium wine into a smart, 750ml eco-friendly pouch that is not only better suited to the great outdoors, it’s kinder to it!

Click on each wine below for more information or shop entire range here.

Greenskin Wine Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc | 6-PACK
2021 - Margaret River - Sauvignon Blanc. Sometimes Sauvignon Blanc can be a little bit...
Greenskin Wine - 2020 Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
Sauvignon Blanc Semillon | 6-PACK
2020 Margaret River - Sauvignon Blanc Semillon. Bruce Dukes and Remi Guise of Naturaliste Vintners...
Greenskin Wine - 2020 Margaret River Chardonnay
Chardonnay | 6-PACK
2020 Margaret River - Chardonnay. Our chardonnay was expertly made by notable winemaker, Severine Logan...
Greenskin Wine - 2020 Margaret River Rosé
Rosé | 6-PACK
2020 Margaret River - Rosé. This characterful rosé has plenty of texture and a stony...
Greenskin Wine - 2020 Great Southern Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir | 6-PACK
2020 Great Southern - Pinot Noir. Pinot noir loves a continental climate, giving much favour...
Greenskin Wine - 2018 Margaret River Cabernet Merlot
Cabernet Merlot | 6-PACK
2018 Margaret River - Cabernet Merlot. This 2018 wine by Brian Fletcher from Calneggia Family...
Greenskin Wine - 2019 Margaret River Syrah
Syrah / Shiraz | 6-PACK
2019 Margaret River - Syrah / Shiraz. Winemaker Japo Dalli Cani of McHenry Hohnen had...
Greenskin Wine - Medley Pack
Medley | 6-PACK
Can't decide which Greenskin Wine to taste first, or perhaps you'd like to taste them...
Greenskin Wine - 2019 - Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon with stamp
Cabernet Sauvignon | 6-PACK
2019 Margaret River - Cabernet Sauvignon. We are very pleased to be releasing this very...
Greenskin Wine - White Wine Medley Pack
White Medley | 6-PACK
White Wine fans this one is especially for you! This new Medley pack combines a...
Greenskin Wine - Red Wine Medley Pack
Red Medley | 6-PACK
Red Wine aficionados, you’ve spoken, and we’ve listened! For those who love their reds but...

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HOW TO ENOY your first SIP of greenskin wine?

Step 1

Choose Your Favourite Wine

Order your delicious Greenskin Wine online by the six-pack (6 x 750ml pouch) and let the anticipation begin!

Step 2

We Deliver direct to your door

A six-pack of Greenskin Wine sits at 20cm x 20cm x 20cm & weighs just 4.8kgs so we can easily deliver direct to your door.

Step 3

You enjoy quality wine, anywhere!

Lightweight, compact, unbreakable, resealable & quick to chill, we've got your wine stores covered for your next adventure.

Step 4

do your bit for the environment

When you’re done, pop your empties in the prepaid satchel that came with your case and simply send it back to our recycling partner, REDcycle.