2020 Syrah / Shiraz | 6 x 750ml

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2020 Syrah / Shiraz | 6 x 750ml

Large format/neutral oak has finished this into an opulent and languid Syrah that is smooth, lush and delicious.

Fruit characters of fresh Blackcurrant and Boysenberry quickly give way to a complex mesh of sweet, spicy & juicy fullness with a soft and savoury finish. Winemaker Japo Dalli Cani of McHenry Hohnen had the Rhone Valley in France in mind when he vinified a high percentage of whole grape clusters and added a touch of Roussanne fruit for co-fermentation.

Vintage: 2020 | Region: Margaret River, Western Australia
Winery: McHenry Hohnen | Winemaker: Japo Dalli Cani

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6 x 750 ml

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Mike Davies – Co-founder Greenskin Wine, winemaker and wine packaging specialist.

  • Colour: This beautiful Margaret River 2020 Syrah is deep red with bright purple and crimson tinges in colour.
  • Nose: Has a bouquet packed with primary red fruit characters of plums cranberries and prunes with hints of charcoal, white pepper and strawberry leaf.
  • Palate: An abundant palate which is lifted with juicy fruit, liquorice, spice, hazelnut and charcuterie.


Huon Hooke is a leading Australian wine writer, critic, educator and show judge, best known for his columns in Sydney Morning Herald Good Food and Good Weekend.

Deep red with a good tint of purple, aromas of iron filings, blood and spices greet the nose, together with a suggestion of iodine and a note of prune. It’s full-bodied and ample while the tannins are a wee bit edgy and harsh. Food will moderate this, and a good decant will also.

89/100 points. Bronze Medal Winner.

Huon Hooke Reviews Greenskin Wine


This wine also won a Bronze Medal at the Wine Show of Western Australia!

2020 Greenskin Wine - Syrah - Bronze Award - Wine Show of Western Australia - 2022-website


Please note that this 2020 Syrah has a ‘Best Before’ date of January 2024 on its label – here’s why:

Wine generally gets better with age (not worse), but all wines do have a tipping point (in glass or pouch) where they will oxidise and become less desirable.

As the first people to put premium wine into our innovative pouches, we could not decisively say when deterioration may commence.

Although not a mandatory requirement with wine, when filling this Syrah, we decided to take the responsible approach and be over cautious and print a ‘Best Before’ date on the wine labels as 18 months (after the pouches had been filled) in the event that the wine started to oxidise/deteriorate.

All of the red wines from our first fillings 3.5 years ago are still drinking beautifully. We packaged this 2020 Syrah in June 2022, and we expect it to hold up as well as the previous vintage (same winery and winemaker), so it will be drinking well through until at least December 2025 (and most likely beyond).

We are continually monitoring the deterioration by measuring Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) And Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels, and at this stage, they compare well with glass & screwcap.

We will NOT dispatch any wine that is in any way faulty/oxidised and are continually monitoring all of our wines, so rest assured the wine you receive will be drinking beautifully well beyond the date we (conservatively) printed on the label.

You can see more information on this, including the testing and monitoring we are doing through the link below or feel free to contact us anytime.

Click here for more info on Best-Before dates.

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