Greenskin Wine Partners with Down Under Rally

Greenskin Wine partners with Downunder Rally

28 June 2022

Greenskin Wine Partners with Down Under Rally

Greenskin Wine is thrilled to be an official partner of the fabulous Down Under Rally, which offers cruising yacht rallies in Australia and the South Pacific each year.

Owned and operated by John and Leanne Hembrow, who have been full-time cruisers since 2009 said,

“The emphasis of the rallies is  providing support for participants whilst at sea and when onshore by sharing our extensive knowledge about sailing to, arriving and cruising in these destinations.

We’re excited to have a product like Greenskin Wine partnering with us as although we do not encourage or endorse drinking while at sea, we all love a sundowner to celebrate at the end of a voyage. Greenskin Wine is ideal as it is lightweight and unbreakable onboard and takes up so little space, full or empty!

Space is always limited onboard boats, and broken glass can be very dangerous, so Greenskin Wine is ideal for cruising yachties embarking on any adventures”.

2022 beyond the barrier rally

The ‘Beyond The Barrier Rally’ into the Coral Sea, which is a true bluewater adventure, has just completed its first voyage in early June, with another Rally set to leave mid to late June 2022.

This rally explores the Coral Sea Marine Park, which is one of Australia’s and the world’s most spectacular marine treasures. Lying off the Queensland Coast and beyond the Great Barrier Reef, from just north of Fraser Island to just south to the Torres Straits in the far north, the Coral Sea Marine Park comprises 34 reefs & 56 islets & cays and covering an area of 989,836 square kilometres is one of the world’s largest marine parks.

This seldom visited, pristine wilderness is home to a labyrinth of coral reefs, sandy cays, islets, shipwrecks and an abundance of wildlife.


During the 2022 Rally, organisers John and Leanne conducted a Greenskin Wine Tasting afternoon at Hermit Crab Islet which is at Lihou Reef, about 330nm (610kms) ESE of Cairns in the Coral Sea Marine Park.

Here are some snaps of what could possibly be the world’s most remote wine tasting…

Click on the pics to enlarge and scroll through the gallery.

Greenskin Wine Coral Sea Quiz

John and Leanne also run a fun Quiz during the rally. The quiz was held over 6 days with 3 questions being asked about the Coral Sea Marine Park each morning during the radio sched.

The pic below is of John presenting the prize to Quiz winners Jeff & Tracey from the catamaran ZERO.

Jeff & Tracey shared their prize with the other rally participants during sundowners at East Diamond Islet.

Greenskin Coral Sea Quiz winners_Jeff & Tracy s.v ZERO
Rally Organiser John presenting first prize (6-pack of Greenskin Wine) to the Winners of the Greenskin Wine Coral Sea Quiz, Tracey & Jeff Owners of sailing cat "Zero".
Sailing Cat Zero
Sailing Catamaran "Zero" underway sailing in the Beyond Barrier Rally 2022

We would like to extend a huge thanks to John and Leanne from the Down Under Rally for partnering with us and we look forward to quenching more intrepid sailors thirsts in future rallies!

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