Greenskin Wine recycling system back on track with new Partnership

Greenskin Wine recycling system back on track with new Partnership

4 August 2023

Greenskin Wine recycling system back on track with new Partnership

We have some exciting news to share with you regarding our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.

After the unfortunate closure of RedCycle, we have been madly searching for a new recycling partner, and we are thrilled to announce that we have joined forces with the fantastic team at Plasmar.

Unlike previous partnerships, Plasmar is not just an intermediary; they are a full-fledged recycling operation that transforms plastic waste into long-life, environmentally friendly alternatives to timber.

This innovative material is used to create a range of durable products, including pallets, sleepers, bollards, and even vineyard posts that support grape vines, forming a beautiful full circle to see the wine pouches return to the vineyards.

We love this bit!

Plasmar Vineyard Posts
Plasmar Vineyard Posts

Sustainability is critical to us

Even without our recycling program, the energy savings in production and transport make Greenskin Wine pouches a far more sustainable choice than glass bottles.

However, with your help and by working in partnership with Plasmar, our wine industry first, closed-loop recycling system amplifies our sustainability efforts to the next level!

Now, what does this mean for you?

To ensure a smooth process, we have created a new address sticker/label with the Plasmar address on it.

As of 04th August 2023.
You will find this sticker inside your case of wine.

 Please place it over the old RedCycle address on your green return envelope.

Be sure to place your six (or more) empty pouches in the newly addressed envelope and drop it into any mailbox to be returned to Plasmar for recycling.

Plasmar Stickers for Greenskin Wine Pouches - web

For customers who have ordered between the 1st of July and 4th August 2023, we will automatically send you via post a new Plasmar address sticker/label to place on your green recycling envelope.

For customers who have ordered between 01st September 2022 and 30th June 2023, we will be emailing you the week commencing 07 August 2023 to check if you require a new label for your recycling envelope. If you do, a new label will be mailed to you promptly so you can return your empty pouches as per usual.

For customers who have pouches from before 01st September 2022
If you have pouches from before this date or have not heard from us by 11/08/2023, please email with your confirmed postal address and number of stickers required and we will send to you asap.

the future

From 04th August 2023, all new cases of Greenskin Wine dispatched will include the new recycling sticker. You will find this in your case of wine and will need to stick it over the existing RedCycle address on your green return envelope before placing it in the mail.

We sincerely appreciate your patience throughout this important transition. Together with yours and Plasmar’s help, we are taking significant steps towards a greener future and a cleaner environment.

If you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support.


Mike Davies and Kim McKee - Cofounders Greenskin Wine

Mike and Kim

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