Wine in a pouch vs wine in glass

wine in a pouch vs wine in glass

4 September 2023

Wine in a pouch vs wine in glass

We’re no strangers to comments like “Wine in plastic – no thanks” or “How can plastic be better than glass for the environment?” – we’ve heard them all!

Yet, our mission goes beyond just offering an alternative; it’s about transforming perceptions and setting a new standard in an industry rooted in tradition.

Why Greenskin Wine Pouches Trump Glass:

Researchers have known for at least a decade that the single largest portion (*68%) of the carbon footprint of a bottle of wine comes from the energy used to manufacture that bottle, transport it to the winery to be filled and then distribute it around the globe for consumption. *Source: Australian Wine Research Institute.

Plus, it is a fact that the majority of wines are consumed within two weeks of purchase, making glass (initially intended for cellaring) less than optimal for sustainability.

The Realities of Glass:

Contrary to popular belief, glass poses environmental challenges due to:

How do Greenskin Wine Pouches Compare?

Our Recycling System Is Back On Track

Welcome to our new rocking recycling partner, Plasmar!

 When you return your wine pouches, Plasmar transforms them into long-life, environmentally friendly alternatives to timber. See full story here.

3 Easy Steps To Recycle Your Greenskins

Step 1

You enjoy quality wine, anywhere!

Order online and have your wine delivered anywhere within Australia. Sip and savour our premium wines.

Step 2

Send back your eompty pouches

Pop your six empty pouches into the prepaid post-pack which is supplied in every case.

Step 3

Drop into your nearest mail box

Drop your post-pack in the mail and relax knowing every part of your pouch will be 100% recycled!

Greenskin Wine has been created with great consideration for its effects on the environment.

The contrast to glass in environmental footprint is undeniable, and we trust this gives you a better understanding.

The added bonus is that the custom pouches we use for our wines do not affect the taste in any way, and the shelf life is exceeding our initial expectations.

It’s a win, win, win!

If you have any comments or feedback, please be sure to contact us at Your voice fuels our journey.


Mike Davies and Kim McKee - Cofounders Greenskin Wine

Mike and Kim

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