4 Key Reasons Why Wine Deteriorates Once the Bottle is Open

4 Key Reasons Why Wine Deteriorates Once the Bottle is Open

21 September 2023

4 Key Reasons Why Wine Deteriorates Once the Bottle is Open

Ever wondered what makes a wine taste terrible just a day or two after it is opened?

Here are the key factors that contribute to wine spoiling/deteriorating:

  1. Oxidation: Once a wine bottle is opened, it’s exposed to oxygen, which leads to oxidation. Oxygen reacts with compounds in the wine, causing changes in aroma, flavour, and colour. The wine may lose its freshness, and its vibrant fruit flavours can diminish. Oxidation can make the wine taste dull, flat, or even vinegary. The colour of the wine may also turn orange/brown.

  2. Microbial Activity: Microbes, such as yeasts and bacteria, can enter the bottle when it’s opened. While some of these microbes are intentionally used in certain winemaking processes (e.g., for fermentation), others can spoil the wine once the bottle is opened. Undesirable bacteria can turn the wine into vinegar or produce off-putting odours.

  3. Temperature Changes: Fluctuations in temperature can also affect the wine’s stability after opening. Exposure to heat can accelerate chemical reactions, potentially leading to spoilage more quickly. Storing wine at excessively high or low temperatures can have detrimental effects.

  4. Time: Even with proper resealing techniques, an opened bottle of wine will gradually deteriorate over time due to the air in the bottle between the top of the wine and the cork or cap. The rate of degradation depends on the wine’s type, age, and storage conditions. Generally, lighter wines like whites and rosés tend to deteriorate more quickly than full-bodied reds.

How to prolong the shelf life of an open bottle?

The Greenskin Advantage

To prolong the shelf life of an opened bottle of wine and delay spoilage, consider these preservation methods – Re-corking or Re-sealing, Refrigeration or Use of Inert Gas.

It’s important to note that while these methods can extend the life of an opened bottle, they won’t prevent eventual spoilage indefinitely. The freshness and quality of the wine will still decline over time, so it’s best to enjoy it as soon as possible after opening.

A Greenskin pouch removes three of the four factors above – Oxidation, Microbial Activity, and Time.

If you drink only a part of your 750ml pouch, you can easily squeeze out the air and re-seal it.

No air in contact with the wine means; No oxidation, no microbial activity and plenty of time to return to the wine, which will remain fresh and very approachable for up to three weeks.

The best way to do this is to gently squeeze the pouch. When you see the wine at the top of the spout, quickly replace the cap. 

Watch Mike’s demo here:

What About Temperature?

If any variety of wine in any container is stored in a hot place or with regularly changing temperatures, there is a risk of deterioration of quality.

Even though Greenskin Wine pouches are sturdy and great for outdoor adventures, you will be rewarded by keeping your wine at a cool and consistent temperature.

it's never been easier to drink in moderation & save on wastage!

Greenskin Wine makes it so much easier to drink in moderation and reduce wine wastage and money down the drain (literally)!

No one enjoys pouring your favourite drops down the sink, which often happens after just a couple of days with an open bottle of wine.

By squeezing out the air and resealing your Greenskin Wine pouch, you can enjoy fresh, tasty wine for up to three weeks and beyond.

Here’s cheers to that!

Mike Davies and Kim McKee - Cofounders Greenskin Wine

Mike and Kim

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