FAQ – Why do Greenskin Wines have a ‘Best Before’ Date?

Greenskin Wine - Medley Pack - 6 a 750ml wine in a pouch

14 November 2022

FAQ – Why do Greenskin Wines have a ‘Best Before’ Date?

There are always unknowns when developing and launching something new into the market, and this was certainly the case for us when creating Greenskin Wine.

As the first people to package premium wine into our innovative pouches in the Australian wine market, there were some unknown factors when it comes to how the wine would age in this package, and we could not decisively say when wine oxidisation/deterioration may commence.

Although not a mandatory requirement with wine, when filling our early batches, we decided to take the responsible approach and be over cautious and print a ‘Best Before’ date on the wine labels as 18 months (after the pouches had been filled) in the event that the wine started to oxidise/deteriorate.

with continual & careful monitoring ...

Since our first wines launched, the good news is that we have had no such problems.

With the extensive trial work we have been doing on the early-filled batches, we have found all of our wines are drinking beautifully well after the displayed date.

We are monitoring the deterioration by measuring Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) And Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels, and at this stage, they compare well with glass & screwcap.

For our later fillings, we have now done away with the ‘Best Before’ date because the pouches are performing above and beyond our expectations. We are now displaying a ‘Packed On’ date and continue to monitor all of our wines closely and will pull any wines from the market that show any signs of deterioration.

How do we know what to measure to determine how the wines are holding up compared to wine in a glass bottle?

Prior to Greenskin Wine, founder Mike Davies established, owned and managed Australia’s largest independent wine packaging business (Portavin) for over 25 years.

Mike has a long background in technical and management roles in wine packaging and is familiar with the Greenskin Wine pouch format, and has a high level of confidence in it.

We have access to wine laboratories, the resources and know-how to consistently monitor the Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels of our wines to ensure all wine is sent to market in good condition.

A few other things to consider:

  • Wine generally gets better with age (not worse), but all wines do have a tipping point (in glass or pouch) where they will oxidise and become less than desirable, which is why we are constantly lab testing and tasting our wines.

  • A ‘Best Before’ date is very different to a ‘Use By’ date. Many products that have a legal requirement to advertise a ‘Best Before’ date and are consumed long after the date has passed without consequence.

  • We know that our packaging format is not as good as glass for people who want to cellar their wine. Greenskin Wine is designed to be purchased and enjoyed not to sit in a cellar for years waiting for a special occasion.

  • Also, remember that once open, if you can’t consume a whole pouch in one sitting, simply squeeze out the air and reseal and you will protect the quality of any remaining wine. If you squeeze out all the air your wine will stay fresh for up to 2-3 weeks!

Quality Assurance Guarantee!

We will NOT dispatch any wine that is in any way faulty/oxidised and are continually monitoring all of our wines, so rest assured the wine you receive will be drinking beautifully well beyond the date we (conservatively) printed on the label.

We also have our Quality Assurance Guarantee. If you buy a 6-pack and genuinely dislike the wine, simply return the 5 unopened wines and we will issue a full refund, no questions asked.

Since our launch in April 2021, and after 1000’s of cases been sold, we have issued one refund, a testament to the quality of our wines.

Relax with Greenskin Wine for beach picnics
Greenskin Wine quality wine in a soft pack


If you have any further questions on concerns, please contact us directly.

To order more wine. Simply order from the comfort of home, and we will deliver our premium wines in a practical, fully recyclable pouch direct to your door!


Mike Davies and Kim McKee - Cofounders Greenskin Wine

Mike and Kim

PS: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our FAQ page.

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