NEW 2022 Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc: A Taste of Paradise

Greenskin Wine NEW 2022 Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc - A Taste of Paradise

23 May 2023

NEW 2022 Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc: A Taste of Paradise

Nestled in the southwestern corner of Australia, the Margaret River region is renowned for its stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and, of course, its exceptional wines. Among the many grape varieties that thrive in this idyllic setting, Sauvignon Blanc stands out as a true gem.

Our new Greenskin Wine 2022 Sauvignon Blanc from Margaret River is crafted with passion and precision by talented winemaker Japo Dalli Cani from McHenry Honen Vintners.

This delicious drop truly embodies the unique characteristics of the region’s terroir. The combination of a maritime climate, cool ocean breezes, and fertile soils creates the perfect conditions for cultivating fruit that result in outstanding wines.

One of the hallmarks of this Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc is its expressive and complex aromatic profile. It has enticing aromas of tropical fruits, zesty citrus, and fragrant herbs.

Watch here as the winemaker of our 2022 Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc (japo) gives us his insights.

This exquisite white wine showcases vibrant flavours, refreshing acidity, and a remarkable depth that captures the essence of the Margaret River region.

What it pairs with:

The dedication of McHenry Honen and Japo’s sustainable viticulture and winemaking practices enhances the flavour of this Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc, where your palate is rewarded with a delightful balance of fruitiness, vibrant acidity, and a lingering, elegant finish.

This new Sauvignon Blanc is incredibly versatile, making it a perfect companion for various occasions. Whether enjoyed on a sunny afternoon picnic, paired with fresh seafood, white meats or savoured alongside creamy cheeses.

Sustainability & Vegan at the forefront:

From vine to pouch, every step of the winemaking process is carried out with a deep respect for the environment and very minimal input of chemicals or fining agents, which makes it a Vegan wine and also allows its captivating flavours and enticing aromas to shine through.

We’re so thrilled to have this 2022 Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc in our lineup of great wines. It truly embodies the region’s beauty and delivers an unforgettable taste of paradise.

Enjoy and Cheers!

Mike and Kim

2022 Sauvignon Blanc

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