In the Press – Wine pouches are in vogue; and good for the planet

Pat Callinan's 4X4 Adventure TV Show partners with Greenskin Wine - quality wine in a pouch

3 October 2021

Wine pouches are in vogue; and good for the planet

When I posted an image of the Greenskin wine pouches on social media a couple of days ago, it provoked an angry reaction.

Dinosaurs were out in force with comments like: “We don’t need more plastic in the world, wine should be drunk from a bottle” and “the planet does not need more disposable packaging”.

Wrong people. Wrong.

Greenskin Wines are promoted as Australia’s first 100% recyclable, re-sealable, glassless way to enjoy quality wine.

Ideal for taking on a picnic, or to the beach, the lightweight, “unbreakable”, re-sealable Greenskin pouches each hold 750ml of wine, take 80% less energy than glass to produce, and weigh 40% less than bottles, producing far fewer emissions in manufacture and transport.

They also come with a reply paid envelope to send them away for recycling when they are empty.

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